red-brick-wallWhat is Graffiti?

Graffiti is commonly understood to mean:
“Words or drawings that are scratched painted or sprayed on walls or other public places without permission of the Owner /Manager of that place”. The term ‘graffiti’ refers to an activity which has a long history and which has taken various forms. The word ‘graffiti’ derives from the ancient Greek (yrafo, meaning ‘to write’) and from Latin (graffito, meaning to ‘scratch’). It is commonly understood to mean writing on walls. Graffiti was practiced in both ancient Greece and Rome (examples have been found at Pompeii and Herculaneum), and was also common in the early modern, medieval and Elizabethan periods.


What is graffiti management?

Graffiti management can be defined as:

  • Actions undertaken to reduce and remove graffiti , and
  • Actions undertaken to assist and partner with the community, residents and business in removing and reducing graffiti and enhancing the appearance of Hout Bay.


Why do we need a strategy?

Keep Hout Bay Beautiful is committed to providing a clean, safe and welcoming atmosphere for all who live, work, learn and play in and visit Hout Bay.

Residents, retailers and visitors often feel that graffiti contributes to or causes an atmosphere of neglect and urban decay and the presence of graffiti in an area can distort perceptions about the actual level of crime and safety in that area. These perceptions and assumptions about graffiti and what it is linked to can severely affect confidence and a sense of safety within the community. A primary objective of the strategy is to make Hout Bay more attractive, while reducing the cost to the community of removing graffiti. A strategic document provides the overall sense of direction and a framework and provides a set of objectives, principles and key actions for an integrated approach to managing graffiti. A strategy ensures key aims are met with efficient, effective use of resources. It enables the Council to know where we are going, and provides a clear directive about what we are doing. It includes measures to monitor the success and identify areas for further improvement.


The Keep Hout Bay Beautiful Strategy will:

  • Provide the structure to undertake the recommended work.
  • Be directed at encouraging a range of actions that meets the existing and future needs identified by our team to decrease graffiti within the area.
  • Place a balance between responsive measures and a proactive approach to address graffiti in all its forms and curb its occurrence.


What have we focused on?

Keep Hout Bay Beautifuls’ focus being traditional methods of identifying high priority locations and prompt removal of graffiti.
Keep Hout Bay Beautiful graffiti management programs include:

  • Graffiti removal that focused on high priority locations on a needs basis, with inspection and removal on a weekly basis by the Keep Hout Bay Beautiful Team
  • Responding to resident reports of Graffiti from such areas as playgrounds, roads, signs and buildings.

The necessity for an approach to graffiti and graffiti culture has become apparent and is addressed by this Management Strategy.