Keep Hout Bay Beautiful encourages you to keep us updated when it comes to littering and dumping in Hout Bay.

Please see below how you can report litter or illegal dumping:





What types of Litter can I report?

  • litter along a road or public area
  • litter thrown from a vehicle or by a person directly associated with a vehicle
  • litter blown from a vehicle
  • windblown litter from commercial properties or construction sites
  • advertising material placed on vehicles
  • posters placed up without written permission.

What Information do I need to make a report?

The following information is needed when reporting littering from a vehicle:

  • the vehicle’s registration number
  • a description of the vehicle, including make (eg. Holden), body type (eg. sedan, ute, van, etc), colour and model (if possible)
  • where and when you saw the vehicle, including the road, date and time
  • type of litter that you saw
  • description of the person who dropped the litter (if possible).

Who will remove the dumped litter?

  • The Keep Hout Bay Beautiful Team can be ordered for a litter patrol along your road or a public area.
  • The City of Cape Town Solid Waste By-Law Enforcement Unit can remove large amounts of dumped material and can issue fines for illegal dumping.

Who can I contact regarding litter or illegal dumping?

  • Report litter or illegal dumping to  OR  021 790 6502.
  • Report directly to the City of Cape Town Solid Waste By-Law Enforcement Unit under 021 400 6157.

The Keep Hout Bay Beautiful Team is thanking you in advance for your assistance!